Baby Animalz


■ Over 5000 unique visitors a day

■ Featured in Time Magazine’s 100 Cool Web Pages…

■ Simple Image Gallery for easy viewing

■ Desirable search engine keyword placement

■ 200+ images of baby animals

■ Simple design gives users direct access to the cute

■ A hit with the ladies


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As an assignment for one of my computer science courses we were asked to create a simple webpage “about anything”.  I can’t precisely recall where I came up with the initial idea (perhaps I had designs on impressing particular female classmates) but was born.  Essentially, this first foray into web design was a ‘wall of cute’ featuring pictures of tiny, adorable animals with a bit of colorful commentary thrown in.  The girls didn’t seem to fall for it but, more fortunately, Time Magazine did notice and featured the site in their 2006 article”100 Cool Web Pages You Need to Know About“.  From there, I started dabbling with more complicated code, forums and content management systems.

The site lives on today but has since changed forms several times in the hands of a new administrator. 

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