Name that Color (Web Design)

Posted on Aug 26, 2011 | 0 comments

Being a typical guy, I have no clue what the colors Lavender and Mauve look like. You can show me Indigo and I won’t know if it’s more like Violet or Purple. So I made this little app where you can create a color on the screen (or copy-paste CSS hex# color) and find out the name of the closest matching color.So if you’re having trouble figuring out which color is which for web editing purposes check out this site!

You can also select from the dropdown list of 1500+ colors and then play around. Here’s an improved version of this tool made by Daniel Flueck, Color Name & Hue that is useful especially for colorblind folks.

These tools are available elsewhere as you probably already know (Photoshop, FrontPage etc) but if you’re just looking for a simple, web-based solution to your color woes look no further!