Bonneville Seattle Intranet



■ Internal Web Server running Apache & PHP

■ Custom links to helpful documents around the office

■ Employee Timecard Entry and Phone/Photo Directory

■ Not accessible from outside local domain

■ WordPress blog/community for company charity functions

■ Local weather widget

■ Easy search engine access

■ Forced homepage for all users on domain


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In my time working in IT for Bonneville Communications in Seattle, I’ve had the opportunity
to gain experience in any number of technology related fields.  An intranet is
an internal network, webpage or server that can only be accessed from the local domain or,
within the building.  Recently our general manager suggested we go live with a company-wide intranet.

The site was to feature links to each of the important web pages that our employees universally access on a daily basis. This was my answer to that request.  After building a web server from scratch, I created this simple web page featuring several items an employee may need to access on a daily basis.  The site features links to important office documents, a phone directory, webmail, an office newsletter and even a custom WordPress blog developed for the charity activities of Bonneville Seattle.

The site is now the homepage for over 150 Bonneville employees.  If you’d like something
similar for your business, feel free to Contact Me.