Gathering Magic



■ Now the largest unofficial Magic the Gathering community on the web

■ 5000+ Twitter Followers garnered

■ Fully Featured Community Forum

■ Top-notch search engine keyword placement

■ Hundreds of unique articles published by multiple authors

■ Integrated polls and social media sharing options

■ 500+ RSS subscriptions

■ Featured on Magic the Gathering’s official webpage several times


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Magic the Gathering is a customizable card game you may remember from the mid
ninties.  Wielding fantastical creatures and magic spells your goal is to destroy your
opponent before they destroy you.  In recent years, the game has seen a bit of
a resurgence with the advent of Magic Online, the online version of the card game. is an online community and blog dedicated to this card game. 
Live for over 4 years now, the site continues to grow with over 5000 twitter followers,
1000 active forum members and ton of linkage all over the internet.  The site frequently pops up just after the official Magic the Gathering site in Google for many popular searches. 

Today the site is no longer owned or operated by yours truly but the community still
lives on with thousands of hits each day and it now features several full time writers on staff.  Gathering Magic is a great example of how social networking and
search engine dominance can lead to a vibrant community and financial success.

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