HBO Watch


■ First and only dedicated HBO news blog and forum on the web

■ 6000+ Twitter Followers garnered

■ Fully Featured Community Forum

■ Desirable search engine keyword placement

■ 300+ unique articles published as of 2011

■ Integrated end-user polls and social media sharing options

■ Steadily growing traffic stream

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With all of the entertainment blogs out there you would assume there
would already have been one focusing on the premium cable network, HBO.
Fortunately for me, as of late 2009 there wasn’t and as a huge HBO fan myself,
I seized the opportunity to start my own community.  Today the site includes a
fully featured forum,  great placement on Google for popular trending keywords
(True Blood, Game of Thrones, etc) and a healthy Twitter account with 6000 followers.
A simple, crisp layout lets uses focus on the content, as well as the advertisements.

The site continues to grow and it’s associated Twitter account is on pace to break
10,000 followers sometime next year.

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