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■ Integrated portfolio system for displaying owner’s work

■ Fully featured store front

■ Desirable search engine optimization and keyword placement

■ Simultaneously a blog, portfolio, store front and online business card

■ Completely customizable, upgradable and easy to update frequently


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As more and more industries move online, it was only a matter of time before
interior designers took the digital plunge.  LiliPADS represents an innovative philosophy
about interior decorating—that all people need is a little help and guidance to make their
homes beautiful, comfortable and, above all, personal.  LiliPADS gives you the tools;
you make the designs your own.  Pick one of their pre-designed PADS and you
will receive a detailed selection of furniture, accessories, window treatments, paint colors,
& fabrics with links directing you where to purchase each item. 
The site also provides ideas and details about arrangement and how to do-it-yourself.

Featuring a fully functional store front, shopping cart, and portfolio system, lilPADS
is a simple, modern and effective digital solution to decorating your space.

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