Marketing to Reddit

I’ve posted my first article on Distilled’s blog this morning.  Here’s a snippet:

These days publishing a blog post means far more than simply writing an essay in WordPress and hitting the publish button.  As professional link builders, web marketers and SEOs we know it takes a lot of hard work and cleverness to take content from nothing to something.  The web is awash with articles on every subject imaginable so how do you make sure your original, quality content soars above the competition?  The answer to that question is too complex to tackle in a single article but what I can offer you today is a single, effective arrow for inclusion in your web-marketing quiver.  If you’ve never considered Reddit as an engine for driving traffic or building links here’s your chance to give it another go with the information that can be found in this handy guide!

The Basics

Most of you already know what Reddit is but for those of you who’ve managed to avoid it all these years here’s the TL;DR:  Reddit is a content-sharing community where users vote up or down on various links, original ideas, pictures, videos and any other piece of content they find share-worthy.  With an Alexa ranking in the Top 100 websites on the internet and a Domain Authority of 100, the site is so popular that it often crashes due to over-activity.   Reddit calls itself ‘The Front Page of the Internet’ and for many people- it is just that.  Though most redditors would rage at the comparison, the concept is similar to that of the once-popular ‘Digg‘ in that the community itself choose which stories, funny videos, and memes make it to the front page on any given day.  Users are given a ‘link karma score’ associated with their username for each “up vote” one of their submissions receives.  They’re also given a separate ’comment karma score’ when one of their comments is given an upvote.  Often the top ranked comments are more popular than the article itself and that merit-based interaction is a huge part of why this community is so powerful and why the content making it to the front page is so great.


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