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■ First site dedicated to swapping Wii Friend Codes

■ Nearly 30,000 forum members

■ 1.5 Million Posts

■ Uses Professional Vbulletin Forum software

■ Completely customized and integrated forum theme

■ Monthly contests, user awards, user, generated blogs etc

■ Fully functional CMS for articles, news and updates

■ VIP program for power users willing to support the site

■ Still one of the most populous Nintendo Forums online


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In 2006 the Nintendo Wii surprised kids and adults all over the world with it’s
motion sensing technology.  As a call center representative at Nintendo’s headquarters
in Seattle during this time, I had the opportunity to experience the gaming console
months before most people were able to.  I noted that the Wii required users to
swap “Friend Codes” in order to play against friends online.  This was Nintendo’s attempt to
keep kids safe but the measure also ended up hindering a lot of players who just wanted a
random opponent online.  NintendoWorlds (then called WiiPals) was my solution.
A fully featured forum and community dedicated to trading these friend codes with
other Nintendo fans all over the world.

Today the site still focuses on the trading of these codes but has since turned into a
general Nintendo community (thus the name change to “Nintendo Worlds”) where fans discuss upcoming games and hold tournaments with their favorite games online.

The site continues to grow today and with 30,000 members, over 1.5 million posts, and a
rich suite of custom user features, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop growing any time soon. 

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