Establish Yourself Online

Establishing web presence is absolutely essential for businesses and individuals in today’s wired world. We’ll get you started and help you maintain your new site with all of the latest tools.  Your customers have several ways of getting in contact with you and we’ll make sure your new site is equipped to handle all of them.  Whether on a smart phone,  iPad, netbook or Mac you’ll have a clean, accessible online presence that’s sure to impress visitors.

Server Setup and Maintenance

Web server setup and maintenance can be difficult for even experienced website owners. Let us take care of the initial setup and afterward we’ll help you grow and adapt with timely support.  We’ll work with you to determine the amount of traffic you can expect and we’ll set you up with the most affordable, dependable web space possible.  We can help with entire site and domain transfers as well as starting your new server from scratch if you prefer.  While we may not handle the physical hardware directly, we’ll hook you up with the server package that’s for you.

Social Media & Community Development

Social Networking isn’t just a buzz word. The world’s most successful businesses are finding new customers online and forming web communities around their most loyal patrons. We can help you develop your online community and stay in touch with your user base.  A bustling web community focused on your product or area of expertise can bring in new customers and keep old ones around for the long haul.

Content Management

Our experience with Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, Vbulletin and others allows us to help you keep your online world organized. Our knowledge of plugins, themes and add-ons enable your site for any future application.  If you’ve already started a blog or site with established content we’ll help you move it all over to your new site. 

Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

We can show you how to monitor your traffic and react to the changing markets with powerful web analytics from Google. Your new webpage will come optimized for search engines, and specifically set up to get your site to appear higher for your targeted keywords.  I’ve been able to take websites from literally nothing and through a great search marketing campaign, watch them rise to the top of a Google search for lucrative keywords.

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