Timely Content and Google Freshness

Another post on the Distilled blog by yours truly.  Feel free to read and comment!  This piece was gleaned from my years of experience building blogs and communities through timely news posts.  Check it out!

One of the most common recommendations a web consultant will make to a client is for a site to maintain a blog for generation of quality, on topic, keyword rich content.  Anyone reading this article has most likely written more than their share of Top ListsHow tos, and purposefully controversial articles but it seems many bloggers overlook what could be one of the tastiest link candies of them all: the humble news report.

In a world where Google’s idea of ‘Article Freshness’ is becoming an increasingly important factor in determining a page’s value it is critical that blogs remain current, timely and on topic.  Posting a relevant news item on your blog isn’t just one of the easier posts you’ll ever compose, it will also demonstrate to your users that you have your finger firmly on the pulse of your particular niche.

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